My business is all about YOU.  

How can you and your graphic communications better connect with your audience and your clients.

I've been there where you are; building a business, being uncomfortable in front of a camera, figuring out what to post in social media; and I understand that you need to be able to showcase the passion you have for what you do, your knowledge, your skills.  All in a handfull of pictures.  

My job is to make you feel comfortable and confident that your Branding and your Portraits communicate all that you need them to. 


The power of conversations, empowering women, books, following our dreams, questioning all and a warm cup of coffee.

I have a Business and Marketing degree, a photography degree and a bunch of workshops and courses along with so many business, branding and advertising books read.  But where I've learned more is in the practice and by observing others do business.  Nothing gives me more knowledge than life.

I've lived in 4 different countries and have started a business in 3 of the 4. I've travelled as much as I've been able, always trying to stay as a local and get to know the people and the culture.  I prefer to visit vibrant cities, but I find peace by the sea.  Better if the water is warm  ;)  

I LOVE to connect with people.