There is no escape, either we make an honest list of our values and take them into account when planning or we fail to consider them and then find the experience stressful and upstream.

Think of all those New Year’s resolutions.  We all have the best intentions when listing them. Wishing to be better, more healthy, more focused, get better results. Sometimes we follow “proven recipes”, write goals and steps to achieve those goals.  But unless these are aligned with our true values, in a couple of weeks or months we end up feeling tired and go back to old ways or struggle to make them happen and fail to enjoy the process.

The same thing happens with businesses, as entrepreneurs, some of our personal values would unavoidably influence our business goals and decisions. And when we have them clear and take advantage of this knowledge, our chances of success increase. 

For example, one of my values is connection. Meaningful, real connection. When there is connection I thrive, enjoy the experience, feel energized. If I have to perform a task to connect, even if it’s challenging, I will do it and enjoy it.  When there is no connection I get easily bored and move on.  This value influences my personal life, and definitely my professional endeavors, and I recognized it early in my entrepreneurial life so I always made sure it was clear in my strategies, plans, and communication efforts. 

Specifically, with my photo studio, this value influenced so many of my decisions and now that I’ve moved to another country, the connection to many of my clients has remained, even if we haven’t worked together in almost 2 years. 

Do you have a clear view of your top values personal and professional? Do you have them in mind when making plans and decisions?

Let me know, like I said, I would love to connect! 

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