Business branding strategy activity

Lately, we read and hear that consistency is one of the pillars of success everywhere, but what is Consistency? Well, it’s NOT posting daily on social media, at least not only that… For your brand, business or personal, consistency is to bring the same experience to your audience or potential client every time they are in […]

Branding and Marketing are not the same, but they walk hand by hand

For small business owners that often wear more hats than they can count while running their company, Marketing and Branding tend to become a huge blur that gives them too much work and a headache when making decisions. And it’s not too crazy to mix them up since these two pals actually walk hand by […]

Building an audience requires us being willing to be visible

“Being willing to take up space online” I listened to this phrase on a podcast some days ago and I thought it is so clever!!! When I talk to business owners or professionals about personal branding, I often hear how they don’t want to be too personal on social media, how it makes them feel uncomfortable. And I get it, sometimes […]